Hello Nice to Meet you!

Hi Fashionable Friends, 
My Name is Jasmine, I am the owner of Jasmine Jewel Boutique. I am a doggie mom, disney lover and a big kid at heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for all things fashion and design. I was always the crazy kid who wore all the clothes, accessories, and trends that no one dared to try or thought they couldn't pull it off. It has aways been a dream of mine to open my own boutique that has unique pieces that could be worn everyday, in every aspect or stage of life.
I created Jasmine Jewel Boutique for all the women who love Disney, but are also on a budget and can’t necessarily afford the high price tag of Disney items. Why not have it all? Quality, affordability, and of course magical and fun items! This is exactly what Jasmine Jewel Boutique wants to provide to all of our fashionable friends! 💜
I want women to feel empowered, I want them to feel strong, I want them to smile and stay positive even when life gets hard, and I want them to never lose sight of who they are!
 Thank you for checking out my shop, look around and enjoy! If you decide to make a purchase, just know that you are supporting a little brown girl's life long dreams and get ready for the compliments that await you! 
Shine on! 
Luv ya, 
-Jasmine G.